How to plan and organize an event with excellence?

Planning and managing an event can be a daunting task if you haven’t done it before. When you want to plan an event, you need to create a complete scenario of the event in your head to make it a reality. Tons of things are involved in planning an event and managing it on the spot. You need to be very wary especially if you want to organize formal events with excellent event planning and management. Below are the ten recommendations for organizing better events.

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  1. Innovate, be creative, think differently. Since most people will have already attended dozens of conferences and events, make sure yours is memorable.
  2. Make sure the participants socialize and participate in networking, since one of the main objectives is to help them interact and get to know each other. And, since it is always difficult to “break the ice” and meet new people, consider the possibility of organizing dynamic sessions or take advantage of the power of “gamification” (The integration of game mechanics in a meeting or an event, in order to have a really good time, it can bring strength, impact and focus).
  3. Meet your audience and adapt the message and the contents of the event. The people who attend your event are your clients and prospects, so you should strive to know them well in order to be able to offer them an experience that meets their expectations. In addition, you should always include a question time after each presentation or session.
  4. If you have little or no experience in event planning, partner with a qualified professional or event planning services with a long history of success in the sector; And if you have experience but do not want to spend money hiring a professional, there are literally thousands of tools hosted on the web designed to help you plan all aspects of your event.
  5. Set clear goals and methods to measure success and return on investment (ROI).
  6. When choosing a venue, check your Wi-Fi network. Having Wi-Fi does not mean that it is a robust and reliable network. And speaking of the Internet, if you cannot offer it for free to attendees, consider the possibility of providing a basic bandwidth without cost and, for those who need it, a “premium” payment service.
  7. Include sustainable or CSR initiatives in the program of the event: despite the additional effort, you will be surprised how important it is for a growing number of people.
  8. As soon as there is a firm decision to hold the event, make sure that an attractive and informative website about the event is launched in the shortest possible time (including PC, mobile and tablet versions) and that it is updated often; The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal.
  9. Take advantage of the power of social media to promote the event before its celebration and to prolong your life afterwards.
  10. Record videos of the exhibition area, with interviews to exhibitors and visitors, which can then be posted on the official website of the event, as well as on their social media profiles, in order to teach those who could not attend it.


There is a heap of small things that are important and you cannot afford to ignore them. From comfort of the seating arrangement to proper sound and refreshment. Remember an event does not stand out just because of one or two prominent things. They stand out only when everything is one of its kind and extremely valuable. The way you organize your event reflects your business identity.


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